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                                             EX-REVIEW & CLEARANCE ITEMS
A2T     Mezzo Loudspeakers with matching A2T speaker stands     Finish: Silver            £800/pair
Duevel  Bella Luna Loudspeakers     Finish: Brushed aluminium                                      £5000/pair
3D Sonics   Transparence Dipole Loudspeakers    Perspex baffle/aluminium support    £1400/pair
ONIX        Concerto 1 Loudspeakers       Finish: Piano black                                           £250/pair
MUSIC FIRST AUDIO      Copper Passive Magnetic Preamplifier     Finish: Silver              £1000
MUSIC FIRST AUDIO    Silver Passive Magnetic (silver-wired x-formers)   Finish: Silver      £2250
YBA         WM202    CD Player           Finish: Black brushed aluminium                                 £250
YBA         WA202    Receiver        Finish: Black brushed aluminium                                       £375
YBA         iDW1      iPod dock       Finish: Black brushed aluminium                                         £70
SHANLING A500     Reference solid-state integrated amplifier      Finish: Silver                      £2000                          
SHANLING CD2000 CD-player                 Finish: Piano black                                                  £300
SHANLING CD-T1000se Valve CD-player          Finish: Silver                                                 £900
SHANLING MC-30      Music centre         Finish: Black with silver accents                              £500
SHANLING MC-50      Music centre         Finish: Silver                                                            £600                                       
SHANLING SCD-T200C     Valve SACD Player     Finish: Silver                                              £1650
SHANLING SLM-A40 MKII    "Class A" Integrated Amplifier with DAC    Finish: Silver             £450
SHANLING SP-80 Valve monoblocks (EL34)    Finish: Stainless steel with gold accents     £1200
SHANLING SP-8000 Valve monoblocks (KT88)       Finish: Silver                                          £1400                                                        
SHANLING STP-10 Valve SE integrated amplifier with iPod dock    Finish: Silver                     £375                  
SHANLING STP-80 Valve integrated amplifier     Finish: Silver/Champagne gold                     £595
SHANLING CD3.1 Valve CD-player                   Finish: Silver                                         £1100                                              
AP INTERNATIONAL    PurePower 2000          Mains Regenaretor            £1600                   
3D Sonics Connecting Intelligence interconnect (1m)    Gold-plated-solid-silver conductors     £275
3D Sonics Connecting Intelligence loudspeaker cable Silver-Copper alloy ribbon cable      £30/m
SUPRAVOX 215 - 2000 EXC OB    Drivers (run-in, about 200 hours of use)            £1650/pair