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April 2017: HIFI World

HIFI World's Noel Keywood reviews the Charisma Audio Reference One MC Cartridge and thinks "it's a gem."

January 2017: Son et Image (Quebec)

"Grâce et distinction" Charisma Audio Reference One. Review in French with English transaltion appended.

March 2014: hifi+ issue 109

Equipment Review - Charisma Audio MC-1 moving coil cartridge

January 2014: hifi+ issue 107

Equipment Review - Shanling H1.1 USB DAC

June 2013: hifi+ issue 100

Equipment Review - Dared RD-1 table radio

October 2011: Hi-Fi Choice


"A star is born" Jimmy Hughes believes Shanling’s CD-T2000 CD player gets closer to SACD performance levels than anything comparable on the market

2011 Hi-Fi Choice Awards

Best CD Player over £1,000: Shanling CD-T2000


March 2009: Hi-Fi Choice


Centre Stage - Shanling MC3000 one-box hi-fi system

September 2007: HiFi World

"One for All? - Can Shanling’s pint-sized all-in-one MC-30 music system really compare to its full-size hi-fi separate big brothers? High end aficionado David Allcock finds out..."