We represent these brands in the UK. Click on the images to go to the manufacturer's website.

Duevel: high-end omnidirectional loudspeakers presenting an ideal point source of sound. Excellent frequency and phase response coupled with high efficiency guarantee a new level of natural musical reproduction.

Shanling : Shanling has a wide range of hi-fi products that represent excellent value for money – CD players, high fidelity solid-state and valve amplifiers, and advanced music centers.

Charisma Audio: Ultimate in simplicity and purity is the foundation of their designs - They not only look attractive but also have striking performance.

Supravox: Superlative drive units hand-crafted in France with a pedigree going back more than 75 years. Each is measured individually and is supplied with its Thiele and Small parameter sheet. 

dared : If you are looking for the best sound for your money, then look no further. From their mini components to their “benchmark setting” high-end offerings, Dared deliver in spades. Magical sounds at “down-to-earth” pricing.

3D Sonics:  Through 3D Sonics we are trying to express our own philosophy of “Real hi-fi”. 

Our collaboration with renowned experts (T. Loesch, of AMR and iFi fame, is the designer of our Transparence loudspeakers for example) and passionate enthusiasts has resulted in an eclectic collection of innovative but primarily “disruptive” products. 

Where else can you have a gold-plated solid silver conductor interconnect for £300?”

Lab12: Led by their passion for designing and building high-end audio devices and guided by years of experience and expertise gained, Lab12 provide a unique set of audio offerings. Attention to detail from the components selection to the final finishing detail delivers the final audio and aesthetic outcome.

Bias King: A Diagnostic Tool for Measuring the Bias on Vacuum Tube Amplifiers. As tubes age, their bias point will shift. By using the Bias King you can maintain the sound you want by periodically adjusting the bias on your amp. This will keep your tubes in top shape throughout their life and will keep your amp sounding its best.

Essence: The HDACC For Hi Res Audio is a box-full of Digital Audio Ingenuity - Essence HDACC is 3 Products in One; Digital Preamp / DAC / Headphone Amp and more

Oh - and they do know how to make superb sounding electrostatic speakers too. Ethereal and unbelievably transparent sounds are there for the connoisseur