3D Sonics

3D Sonics:  Through 3D Sonics we are trying to express our own philosophy of “Real hi-fi”. 

Our collaboration with renowned experts (T. Loesch, of AMR and iFi fame, is the designer of our Transparence loudspeakers for example) and passionate enthusiasts has resulted in an eclectic collection of innovative but primarily “disruptive” products. 

Where else can you have a gold-plated solid silver conductor interconnect for £300?”

3D Sonics Transparence loudspeaker

Dipole, true open baffle, crossover-less loudspeaker with a Supravox 215 Signature Bicone full-range drive unit.

Perspex, clear acrylic, baffle supported by a brushed, fully anodized, aluminium leg.

Eliminating the crossover, you’ll enjoy all of the efficiency of the superb full-ranger, avoiding, at the same time, all the nasties that come as “part and parcel” of using one.

Eliminating the box your music will always be free from its resonances and colourations. You’ll be listening to the driver, not the box.

Sensitivity 95 dB/w/m.

CJ 300B single ended valve amplifier

For the money, the cleanest and sweetest sounding 300B amp on the market.

Western Electric circuit diagram. 

Output 8 watts per channel. 

Audiophile quality volume control. 

One pair of RCA inputs. 

Comes with a pair of the superb Psvane 300B tubes, rather than the dry sounding Russian tubes whilst offering incredible detail. 

Designed utilizing Psvane 300B’s.

3D Sonics Connecting Intelligence loudspeaker cable

Silver-Copper alloy (not merely silver-plated) with a market-leading 68-strand count, arranged in a ribbon configuration.

The insulation is 100% Teflon/FEP transparent ribbon.

Inductance: 0.15 uH/ft. 

Capacitance: 8.9 pF/ft. 

Supplied terminated in gold-plated Z-plug bananas (other terminations @ cost & upon request).

3D Sonics Connecting Intelligence interconnect

Gold-plated solid silver conductors in 100% Teflon tubes, so most of the time the conductors are suspended in air, the ultimate dielectric.

The use of gold keeps the silver erosion-free while at the same time adding a richness to sometimes harsh-sounding silver.

One 1 mm conductor for the positive signal and 3 x 1mm for the return.

Silver purity 100%.

Gold plating using 24 Karat gold.

All 4 conductors shrouded in a pure white cotton sleeve.

Terminated in Neutric RCA or XLR plugs. Other plugs upon request.