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Matthew Jameson

1962 – 2017

A Tribute to My Hi-Fi Husband

It is with deep sorrow that I must announce the death of Matthew, founder and owner of Real Hi-Fi, on September 20 th this year. Being a very private gentleman, not many people were aware that he had been bravely battling cancer for over 4 years.

He continued to run the business right up to the end, never losing his passion for the sound of music and his eagerness to reproduce it to the highest and most pleasing quality.

I don’t remember a time when there was no music in our lives – from his DJ days in Athens with his beloved turntables, to when he set up our first decent sound system in our first home. It was then that he saw a gap in the market between regular and high end equipment - and so Orpheus Audio was born. He operated on a home demonstration basis, and satisfied many customers with his combination of quality hi-fi, with style, and real value for money.

Matthew was always on the lookout for ground breaking gear, and when he discovered Shanling, things really got interesting! With their space age looks and musical delivery to compete with units in a much higher price bracket, his solo operation was stretched to the limit.

He founded Real Hi-Fi and we expanded to include a dedicated music room - many a fine time was had demonstrating various combinations of equipment – mostly favouring valves and horns.

Business was at a peak on 2007 when Real Hi-Fi was awarded the Cool Stuff Award for the Shanling CDT300 (the one that looks like a flying saucer!). Following that, Matthew had to take a change in direction to keep up with demand, and appointed a number of dealers around the UK and Ireland to represent his brands. He also began to brand his own products as 3D Sonics, featuring various upgrades, and making his products clearly recognisable in what was fast becoming a market of grey imports.

Matthew would only ever represent products that he believed in – they had to be the best performers at their price break – and he had such an expert understanding of how and why certain components would compliment each other. Much of the time he spent on the phone would be discussing how to get the best out of equipment and comparing various interconnects, valves, and cartridges – his knowledge was vast and he was most generous with his advice and time.

Now he is gone, the world is a quieter place, and Hi-Fi has lost a most passionate aficionado.

I do like to think that things are rocking up there with the angels though! 

Written with love and many happy memories,

by Tina Jameson

If anyone needs to get in touch, I will keep the email running until the end of this year. Our engineer, John Gordon, will continue to offer technical support to our customers.

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